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The worlds premier saddle manufacturer produces both Kate's dressage and jumping saddles. She chooses to ride on the flat in a Genesis and jumps in a custom Zaria Optimum.



Bowmans is the most respected feed supplier in Maryland with a reputation for top quality service and a large array of products to suit every horse owner.



Leaders and pioneers in the field of equine nutrition. Kate's horse team is powered exclusivley by Purina. Most of her horses are fed Strategy while the upper level event horses receive a the top energy feed, Ultium. Kate has been fortunate enough to visit the Purina research facility in Missouri and was extremely impressed by the attention to detail and care that goes into fueling these athletes.

Cosequin needs no introduction as the world leader in joint health. Kate favours ASU for the older horses.

Used by Kate to keep her horses happy and relaxed. GumBits are all organic and encourage the horse to relax their jaw.

Rated as the worlds safest stirrups. Kate loves the paddock shoes and half chaps.